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Our Outstanding Achievers

We have a special place on our Active Board for all the boys and girls that achieve greatness outside of school in sport, whether it is in rugby, soccer, running, horse-riding, gymnastics, basketball or community games. We feel in Ahane National School that all achievements in sport should be recognised and we are very proud of each child that has avhieved something in sport so far this year. 


Our committee meetings

Each month we have had our meeting of our Active committee.

October Meeting: We decided what our running challenge would be for the year. This involved coming up with the idea of run around Europe. We decided how it would work and what each lap was going to count for. We also decided when we would begin our running and when each class would have an allocated time to do their running.

November meeting:  This month we decided that we would work with the healthy eating committee to link our slogan with an all over healthy slogan.

Our Active Flag School Slogan

This year the school worked in partnership with the healthy school committee and decided to link their slogans together. The children all had the opportunity to think of a slogan that they thought was the best to fit in with our new found healthiness. Each child gave at least one idea. All the teachers worked together to see what one fitted best with our school and the achievements that we wanted to make this year. Finally after much debating we decided that our school slogan would be

‘Eat healthy day and night keep your future looking bright’


Our 10@10 contribution

This year we decided to part-take in the Operation transformation 10@10. As part of our 10@10 we decided to do a skipathon. Unfortunately this was on t eh same time as our 3rd-6th classes went swimming so they did it at a later time in the day but got their 10@10 done in the swimming pool. All the junior classes (juniors-2nd) went to the yard at 10 and they spent the whole ten minutes skipping. Some children were learning for the first time to skip and some people were so good that they could even do some tricks with the rope.

Our Bizzy breaks get us moving

This year we have all being using gonoodle within our classes. This has proven to be a popular activity among all the children. Gonoodle is a programme that allows us to have some extra movement in our classroom. From doing exercises to dancing all children get a chance to get moving for 5 minutes during class time breaks. As well as this if we have had a day where we have had to stay in because it is raining then we get some extra time to have a busy break because we might not have been outside yet that day. It is such a good idea and we all love it.

Ahane hits The Great Limerick Run

This year Ahane N.S hit The Great Limerick Run with force as we had a huge turn out of 72 children in UL in Limerick on the 29th April. All the hard work with our 'run around Europe' certainly paid off as many of the children achieved personal successes on the day. Joseph Monaghan in 1st class took part in the wheelchair race and managed to come first over all. Dara Kennedy in 5th class was second home in his race and was teh first boy to claim victory.


Juniors, seniors, 1st and 2nd had th opportunity of starting to learn golf this year. Each Tuesday for 6 weeks we got to have a 35 minute session with a qualified golf coach. We learnt lots of new skills such as putting and pitching as well as lots more skills that we had never tried before. We had to try and hit the ball through and to different targets that were worth different points and each week we had to challenge ourselves more. We learnt how to keep our score on different holes. We tried different pars working our way through a par 3 hole to a par 5 hole.