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Our Active Flag school board

When we began our journey to get an active flag this year we started creating our Active Flag notice board. Our Active Committee decided what was important to keep our school informed about. The main part of our board is our Run Around Europe map. This lets all the boys and girls in the school see exactly how far they have travelled and everybody can see who is winning. Also taking pride of place on out board is our achievers from our school. Many of our boys and girls in this school partake in events and activities outside of school.

Run Around Europe

Following on from our Athletics in our school we began a running initiative in our school. We decided that we would ‘Run Around Europe’. This is a really clever activity that 1st Class teacher Ms. Mcgrath came up with. The idea of this activity is to get pupils of Ahane N.S up and running! Two times a week our teacher brings us out to the yard to run as many laps of the yard as we can in 10 minutes. After we run our teacher records and adds our laps together. Each lap is the same as one kilometre. Each class has a different colour shoe on the map. The laps that we do are updated each week.

Playground buddies

We have started a very special programme in our school this year as part of our Active Flag. 5th and 6th class have been working really hard during their lunch breaks every Friday to be playground buddies to juniors, seniors and first class. Each Friday two children from 5th and 6th come up to the junior yard for each class and play different games with the children. There is a rota that helps the older boys and girls know where they need to be each Friday. Th


playground buddies pic 2.png


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