Activities News

Christmas 2020


Pupils in all classes have completed their Christmas cards which have been printed and purchased by families in the school. The designing and printing of the Christmas cards is an annual activity that is co-ordinated by the Parent Association in colloboration with the staff and pupils of the school.

Active flag

Everyone here at Ahane N.S. are proud to say we have achieved our Active Flag! We have had a great time taking steps in achieving this and taking the steps to achieving a healthier lifestyle. The benefits of increasing our fitness has been evident in the fact that we are more energised for our school work and we are having fun trying new activities we otherwise would never have had the opportunity to try out.


Thank you to the active committee for all their help, ideas and work they put into getting our flag and long may the work and fun continue.


Active week 2018

We have had a jam packed June in our school and we are all feeling fresh and fit after all of our activities. On Tuesday we all got our Latin rhythms going when we completed a Zumba class! In comparison to that, we learned how to relax and stretch the body in our yoga class. Some classes also took full advantage of the fine weather and completed some local walks, the longest of which was 8.2km which fifth and sixth class flew through!


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