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Juniors, seniors, 1st and 2nd had th opportunity of starting to learn golf this year. Each Tuesday for 6 weeks we got to have a 35 minute session with a qualified golf coach. We learnt lots of new skills such as putting and pitching as well as lots more skills that we had never tried before. We had to try and hit the ball through and to different targets that were worth different points and each week we had to challenge ourselves more. We learnt how to keep our score on different holes. We tried different pars working our way through a par 3 hole to a par 5 hole.

Athletics Blitz in UL

3rd, 4th and 5th classes were given the opportunity to take part in an athletics programme in UL which was linked with Limerick Sports Partnership. All the classes that were taking part went training in UL sports hall for 6 weeks. The athletics coaches taught us loads of different activities such as; chest pass, javelin throw, long jump, triple jump and much more. After the 6 weeks of training we got the opportunity to take part in a blitz in UL with about 600 other children. All of us were put into teams based on our class groups. Each team took part in different events.


We started swimming in January. We had three buses to take children from 3rd-6th class to UL sports arena for 10weeks. Everyone was put into suitable groups based on ability and previous experience. People learned lots of news skills such as swimming the back-stroke, learning to swim in the deep end and also learning life-saving skills. At the end of the ten weeks we were assessed for our PAWS certificates based on what skills we had learnt and how well we were able to perform them.


By Emma Cross and Tadhg Dillon


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