Development of our School Garden

We are in the initial stages of developing our School Garden. The School Garden is located inside the front wall of the school beside the pump.

The development of the School Garden is being led by Ms. Tuohey. The development is also part of work ongoing in the school in the promotion of biodiversity. The pupils of Sixth Class are working towards a Green Flag on the theme of biodiversity in Ahane National School. This application is being co-ordinated by Ms. Normile and Mr. O’Shea. The inspiration for the Green School Biodiversity application developed from work undertaken by Sixth Class in relation to climate change and biodiversity. Sixth Class pupils Aoife Holland and Cara Nally expressed interest in the biodiversity Green Flag application. We were delighted with this expression of interests from our Sixth Class pupils and are also delighted that we are able to incorporate the biodiversity theme into the development of the School Garden.

We would like our School Garden to be a garden for the whole of Ahane National School Community. 

We plan to grow a mixture of herbs, garden plants, vegetables, shrubs and flowers including wild flowers in the garden. We have prepared the garden area with two raised beds and a bank area for shrubs and plants. We have tyres which we plan to paint and decorate as a feature in the garden. We have two bug hotels and a nesting box/bird house installed in the garden. The nesting boxes/bird houses were made by Fifth Class pupil Shane Moloughney. The nesting boxes are  available at

We acknowledge and appreciate the help that we have already received in the clearing and preparing of this area for our School Garden.  

We are looking forward to the development of our School Garden and the many creative ideas which we plan to bring to the development.