Our committee meetings

Each month we have had our meeting of our Active committee.

October Meeting: We decided what our running challenge would be for the year. This involved coming up with the idea of run around Europe. We decided how it would work and what each lap was going to count for. We also decided when we would begin our running and when each class would have an allocated time to do their running.

November meeting:  This month we decided that we would work with the healthy eating committee to link our slogan with an all over healthy slogan.

December Meeting: We decided that we would conduct of survey on what clubs are popular within our school. Together we came up with the survey. We wanted to find out some more information at the same time. We asked the children what their club was as well as how many times a week they played this sport. Then we wanted to find out what sports some of the children would like to see start within our school.

January Meeting: We all wanted to take part in the 10@10 that was launched by Operative Transformation. We had come up with lots of ideas like a tournament etc but decided that skipping would work best as it allowed all the children to be active all at the same time. The active committee went around to the other classes to tell them about the ideas that we had.

February meeting: This month we discussed about what we had left to do with the Active Flag. We discussed some ideas for Active week and started putting some ideas together for what we thought might be good ideas for Our Active Week  

March Meeting: We discussed our plans for Active Week and what way we could co-ordinate the week best.

May Meeting: This month we discussed our resources in our PE store and how best to organise them.