Junior Infants

World Book Day 2017

On March 2nd, Junior infants celebrated world book day by bringing in their favorite book in the world, shared that book with the rest of the class and got an opportunity to browse the favorite books of their classmates. It was made extra special by dressing up as our favorite book characters. We had plenty of princesses and superheroes, Tinkerbell, a dinosaur, Tiddler the fish, Bob the builder, and a cowboy to name but a few.



pic 1.jpg







Junior infants and senior infants Christmas play 2016

This year Junior and Senior infants joined forces to put on a fantastic show called 'Whoops-a-daisy Angel'. The children did fantastic work learning their lines, preparing their costumes and getting stage ready! Thank you again to all the parents for their help in putting together this brilliant show. Next stop...the  oscars!!


play pic.jpg


play pic.jpg, by Claire Tierney



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